Soul Oracles

Your soul is all-wise and knowing. At a deep level, we know which job to take, if now is the right time to have a baby, whether we say yes to that commitment or not. For within us is a wellspring of truth, wisdom, and certainty. Yet sometimes this wellspring gets murky in our ‘humanness’, busyness, distractedness. If you seek guidance on a situation, ask your soul to give you a message. Breathe deeply, connect with your truth & then press ‘instant hit’ for a soul oracle message.

Bathe Beautiful One

From time immemorial cultures have bathed. From the ancient waters of Babylon to the Roman pools of Bath, we are seekers of the healing power of water. In times gone by bathing was regarded as an essential element of good health; as healing and purifying. It was a social connection ritual as well as a solitary act of reverence.

How much awareness do you bring to your daily ablutions? The very word ablution means the ceremonial washing of the sacred body for purification and dedication. Our daily washing may be one of the many rushed tasks of the day. What if we considered bathing as an act of reverence for mind, body and soul?

If you have a bath, set aside some space to bathe. Add Epsom salts, essential oil and maybe light a candle. Immerse yourself in the healing waters. If you don’t have a bath take a mindful shower. As you shower bring your awareness to the feeling of the water cascading over your body. Bring reverence to this by invoking the healing qualities of water – cleansing, purity, grace, flow, rebirth, transcendence, the primordial, and sacred.

Welcome the purity of water as a gift to your body, mind and soul. 

Bathe Beautiful One.


Ah, stillness. When the external noise subsides and we return to our internal landscape. Where we replenish our wellspring with the purest and sweetest of waters. The stillness that allows us to hear the dance of the breath, the beat of the heart, the whispers of our soul.

Our modern life can be somewhat of a treadmill; of constant availability; of doing, rushing, achieving. To be still might be considered lazy or counterproductive. Yet, stillness offers recalibration, rejuvenation, healing and insight.

Nature embraces stillness – the sleeping cat laying in the sun; the trees and flowers resting in the winter; the waters frozen with ice. Nature knows that to bloom and grow we must also be still and rest.

Come to know stillness as healthy; as a way to access peace, knowing and clarity. Find ways to be still every day. Maybe a morning meditation, lying in the sun for five minutes, a pause for several breaths when you go to the bathroom. Get creative with stillness!

Dear child, hop off the treadmill and Be Still.


The breath anchors us to this earthly world. We begin this life by taking a breath. We breathe in deeply to bring the world into our being. We breathe out to release; surrender; let go.

Your breath is more than a physiological process. It is the key to living in the present moment; a tool to calm your nervous system; the power to enliven the energetic channels of nadis and chakras.

You are invited to breathe deeply. Practice the following pranayama (breathing exercise) to increase the flow of prana (lifeforce) throughout your being.

Sit in a comfortable position with a lengthened spine, soften the shoulders, jaw and forehead; breathe through your nose.


Breathe slowly and deeply. When you have found a comfortable rhythm begin to count how long it takes you to inhale and then how long it takes you to exhale. Continue for a few rounds then explore extending the exhale by one or two counts. Be easy and soft with this breath pattern.

After a time notice that a pause exists between the inhale/exhale and between the exhale/inhale. Establish a count rhythm similar to: inhale 1, 2, 3, 4; pause 1, 2; exhale 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; pause 1, 2. Find your own count that best serves you and practice for 5-7 minutes.

The breath is the quickest and most accessible way to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, to be mindful, and to come home to source.

Breathe with Heart and Soul dear one.


Nature is the ultimate mother. She is the gentle, loving nurturer. She is the solid supporter who believes in you no matter what.

Nature is the ultimate healer. She pours prana into your body, oxygen in to your lungs and fills you with source energy.

Nature is the ultimate power source. She energises and uplifts you. She opens you up to feel alive and rejuvenated.

To commune is to be ‘at one with’. Go be at one with nature. Explore the forests, mountains, lakes and seas. If you live in the city, find a local park to simply lie down on the grass or hug a tree. Get outside and watch the sunset or sunrise. Find a way to regularly commune with nature.

Feel mother nature’s lifeforce energy bring you home to your heart and soul. Commune with Nature.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun“, Albert Einstein. Don’t you love this quote and the possibility of having fun with your intelligence?

Creativity is the art of joining parts together to make a whole. It is a journey of turning imagination into action; bringing seemingly separate phenomena together and perceiving the world in a new way. Flour and eggs to create a cake. Paint and canvas to create art. Flowers and soil to create a garden. The creative process is alchemy; magical, an action of intuition/spirit/soul.

Play is the highest form of research”, Albert Einstein. Another magnificent pearl of wisdom from Bert!

In play we celebrate our soul, imagination, wonder. We lose our ‘grown-upness’, responsibilities, and ‘should’s’ and replace them with ‘could’s’ and sheer abandon.

Play is a vital part of human development, joy and freedom. Steiner philosophy regards it as an essential aspect of humanity and the way in which children holistically evolve into adults who live with truth, purpose and will.

“Love is a better teacher than duty”, also by Einstein. It is love, soulfulness, peace & our deepest truth that is our guiding force. Not duty, or the expectations of our parents or society. Loves makes the world go round. Love is the rainbow, the mother nursing her child, the Dad dancing with his daughter, the flow of the ocean; the pure stillness in meditation. Love is forgiveness, trust, faith and courage.

If you were to write the story of your life right now, ask yourself,

  • What am I creating?
  • How do I play?
  • Who and what do I love?

Every single day manifest your life story to read “I Create, Play & Love”.


Life is not always black and white. In fact, life is a blend of the two. Consider the yin/yang symbol which encompasses both black and white, masculine and feminine, light and shadow to create balance and harmony. What is seemingly duality is oneness.

The answer you seek may not be a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ but somewhere in the meeting point of the two. I call this the ‘and’. The place that is neither here nor there but somewhere in between.  It may be a combination of two choices; the middle ground. Sometimes we get stuck on the idea that we either do this, OR that.

For example, you’re considering taking up Yoga but not sure you can fit in an hour class so you believe you have two options – to either do the class or not do the class (black/white, here/there). Why not find the middle ground and commit to a five-minute daily Yoga session at home? That is finding the ‘and’ making situation work for you.

Say you are considering leaving a corporate job to undertake soulful work and you view these two options as seemingly opposite. The ‘and’ could be bringing more soulfulness into the corporate world through a ‘mindfulness for business’ programme. Or perhaps it’s reducing your hours at the corporate job to give you more time & finances to set up your soulful business. The ‘and’ may be the way in which you transition from one to another.

The ‘and’ is not a cop-out, but is thinking outside the square and opening yourself up to other possibilities. Your soul knows there is always more than one way to resolve a situation.

Find the ‘and’ in your life.


Indigenous cultures and wisdom leaders revere the ancestors. Those people that came before us; that paved the way. The ones from ancient times who were intimately connected to the seasons, nature, animals, stars, sun and moon. The generations before us who stood up for a cause, who birthed a change that only the next generation/s would benefit from.

Your soul is calling you to honour the ancestors. It’s a reminder to reflect on where you came from; both long, long ago and more recently. All the generations of men and women who, through their very being, allowed you to be birthed into existence.

This is especially important if you are star seed, an ancient soul who longs for a sense of home. In honouring the ancestors, we come home to our soul.

Indigenous cultures teach us that to know the future we must look to the past. Not in a ‘life was better then’ way but as an honouring and remembering of who we are and where we came from.

This message encourages you to connect in some way with your ancestors. Perhaps it’s reading through a family tree or asking an elder in your family to tell stories of the past. Or it could be a mediation where you connect in with your ancient, star seed self. Maybe it’s an imaginative letter to the women’s suffrage movement acknowledging them for their efforts in making your life better.

Whichever way you choose to do this, prioritise some time to Honour your Ancestors.

SHake it out

Yeah baby yeah, let’s shake it out!

Toddlers inherently know how to do this. When the world becomes overwhelming and they’ve had enough they shake in a tantrum. They know how to release all that has become pent up. They know how to let it go and recalibrate.

As adults we hold onto all our overwhelm, frustration, sadness, & pissed off-ness in order to be ‘civil, polite, mature, grown up’. Instead of grasping onto any negativity like us adults do, children have the body wisdom to discharge it.

Embrace your inner toddler and shake out anything you need to surrender – fear, resentment, pain. Shake out anything that no longer serves you.

Science is beginning to prove that trauma and shadow emotions are not only experienced in the mind but also in the body. So, use your body as part of the medicine to heal.

For detailed research on the connection of the body and trauma/negative emotions read Bessel van der Kolk’s, ‘The Body Keeps the Score’.

But right now, in this moment, shake! Put on a song that rocks; that you can’t keep still to. Put the song on loud and shake. Shake your feet, legs, hips, belly, shoulders, arms, hands and head. Shake all of you to unshackle, let go, and become unbound . 

What you resist persists so SHAKE IT OUT and move on.

Shine your light

We all have a light that shines with illumination, love and radiance. Within you is a spark of divinty; a flame of passion; a ray of sunshine. It is our brithright to shine brightly and to radiate our gifts. Not in an ego/show off manner but in a graceful and pure manner of celebration and reverence.

When we shine our light we unconsciously allow others to do so as well. You know those people that radiate a light which makes you feel better when you are with them? That’s you! The universe is reflecting your light in another.

The world needs your light! It may be you shine your light in your work, in how you parent, the food you make, the sport you play. However you choose to shine is fine. Just shine!

You shining your light allows you to thrive personally and also spreads light throughout humanity. It is contagious.

You are being called to Shine Your Light. Reflect on what you love to do (sing, bake, run) and do it. Reflect on what gives you joy (watching a comedy, being in your garden) and do it. Reflect on what people you love being around and spend time with them.

Commit to Shining Your Light today.

Trust your instincts

Your soul is the ever-wise, all-knowing part of you. Instincts are one way our soul communicates with us. It may be a gut feeling, an awareness or sensation. We’ve all had these moments; when we ‘just know’ something. We’ve all had the moments when we trusted a hunch and it paid off. And we’ve all had the moments when we chose to ignore our instincts and dealt with the consequences!

These instinctive moments can be seemingly small, day to day choices (what to have for dinner) or more significant, life altering choices (which job to take). It doesn’t actually matter how big or small. What matters is how frequently you trust your instinct.

You are being reminded that you are inherently wise and knowing. As you remember you become more open to trusting your gut. It’s like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets. The more you trust your instincts, the stronger these instincts get and the more aligned with your heart & soul you become. Trust is key in this process.

Ask your instincts how to resolve the situation for which you seek an answer. You may not receive an instant answer but you will receive one when you are open and willing to receive.

Honour your wise self by Trusting your Instincts.

Wise up rise up

When we wise up, we rise up.

When we stop listening to everyone else’s opinions and instead listen to our inner-most wisdom we wise up and rise up.

When we learn through our mistakes, pain and fear, we rise up.

When we do what we love, we rise up.

When we surround ourselves with people that support us, believe in us, love us, we rise up.

When we commit to healthy choices in lifestyle, we rise up.

When we refuse to be the victim but choose resilience, we rise up.

When we pick ourselves up from the depths of despair, we rise up.

When we celebrate our goodness, we rise up.

When we offer service to humanity, we rise up.

When we respect our earth, we rise up.

What choices can you make in this moment to rise up? What act of kindness can you offer someone to rise up? What activity do you love that you can you do today to rise up? What will you feed your body and your soul today in order to rise up?

In every single moment, in every single day, we have a choice to wise up and rise up. Choose wisely and rise soul sister.

Be a waterfall

Embrace your elemental nature by symbolically connecting with water. Our bodies are largely made up of water. We drink, cook and clean with water. It is said we can live for three weeks without food but only three days without water. It is a vital element to our life.

You are being called to slow down and come into a restorative Yoga posture known as Viparita Karani, The Waterfall Pose. To do so, come to lie on the ground and then lift the legs. Place the inverted legs either on to a chair/bed with the knees bent or up a wall with the legs extended. Adjust your body so that you are completely comfortable.

As you relax visualise a waterfall flowing from your feet, down your legs and into the pool of your pelvis/womb – the home of Yoni Shakti (divine womb power). Breathe deeply and rhythmically.  Sense the purity; the soothing flow of water moving through you. Rest here for several minutes repeating an affirmation such as I go with the flow, my body is healing, or I am pure.

This is a nurturing ritual that can be practiced before bed to encourage a peaceful night’s sleep. Or even in the afternoon when you may need to recalibrate your energy for the rest of the day.

‘Be a Waterfall’ to replenish your well of source energy.

Follow your north star

Ancient cultures looked to the stars for guidance on many aspects of life. The stars were navigational tools that allowed people to cross the oceans to new lands. They foretold what kind of weather lay ahead and if crops would prosper or perish.

While our modern lifestyle may not be as intimately linked to the stars for survival, we are still connected to these lights in the sky. Mapping the stars at one’s birth provides a blueprint of one’s dharma (life purpose), karma (life lessons) and samskaras (tendencies/personality).

There is a resurgence in rituals associated with the stars. In Aotearoa (NZ) this celebration of stars is Matariki, during the middle of winter. 

Some places are consciously reducing light pollution and becoming Dark Sky Sanctuaries to protect the night skies for present and future generations.

So, we know that the stars are important but what does ‘Follow your North Star’ actually mean? This is your tool for following your destiny; the call of your soul. The North Star glows brightly to guide and lead us towards a purposeful destination. It is a beacon of inspiration and hope; wisdom and the freedom to live our truth.

This message guides you to reflect on:

  • What is my life purpose right now?
  • What unique gifts am I asked to share with the world?
  • What is one action I can take today to become a beacon of inspiration?

The oracle encourages you to live the life of your dreams; to follow your North Star.

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