Your sanctuary to align & shine

Shine from anywhere

Shine Soul Sister is an online membership & community inspiring you to shine.

You are invited:

To be part of this sisterhood & sanctuary. Call it what you will, it’s about you putting a stop to playing small. It’s about you moving from surviving to thriving. It’s about you stepping into the magnificence of who you truly are.

Don’t Dim to Fit in – Align & Shine!


Do you feel overwhelmed by your ‘to do’ list?

Are you ready to get off the treadmill & nourish your soul?

You know that there must be more to life, right?



This is your sanctuary to Align & Shine.

Activate your wellbeing & personal growth to nourish your soul.

Use tools that help you find peace, feel healthy & whole.

Safely share, express who you are, contribute & connect.

What you’ll get:

Access to live sessions, a wide variety of videos, guided meditations, inspiration & more from our three pillars – Yoga, Qoya & Soul.

How much?

$22 per month or 1 year for $199 ($16.60 per month).

Want to shine?

Join the Shine Soul Sister community today.

You become part of a supportive community of like-minded and like-hearted women

Access live soulful Yoga sessions and a library of Yoga videos. Recorded Yoga classes can be chosen via theme & duration.

Get your dance on with live &  pre-recorded Qoya gatherings that invite you to be wise, wild and free.

Tools and practices to align you with your soul. 

A library portal of pre-recorded Yoga, Qoya and Soul sessions.

Meditations and Yoga Nidras to activate your parasympathetic nervous system (that allows you to feel calm, safe and peaceful!).

Inspiration to uplift, inspire, nurture and align you to your soul, wisdom and higher self.

Live gatherings with Kate each month.

Visit the sanctuary from the comfort of your own space, in your own time.

Phone, laptop, i-pad and desktop friendly.

Connection with other soulful women while supporting each other to shine.

The tools are intentionally quick and easy to use so that you are more likely to make it happen.

Kate’s wisdom and experience as a highly qualified Yoga & Qoya teacher, author, creative intuitive and wellbeing professional.

An opportunity to be the ‘member of the month’ and share your passions, dreams and story with other like-hearted women.

How does Shine Soul Sister Work?

This is an online community and membership that becomes Your Sanctuary to Align & Shine

Upon joining you will receive access to the Shine Soul Sister community and membership via

Simply log in to access your sanctuary of tools and practices and get ready to Align & Shine.

Each month there will be a live offering of Yoga, Qoya & Soul via zoom. 

In addition to the live gatherings, videos will be added to the sanctuary so there will be a library of  tools to utilise in your own time.

Bonus virtual soul gift – once a month Kate will host a Shine Soul Sister gathering via zoom on a theme related to Yoga, Qoya and Soulfulness.

Kate will email to let you know when the new content is available each month and include the zoom link for the gathering.

What do I receive each month?

One live Yoga class via zoom & one live Qoya dance gathering.

A Yoga session via pre-recorded video, that includes asana (movement), philosophy, mantras and mudras.

A Qoya session via pre-recorded video so that you can dance to be Wise, Wild & Free.

A virtual soul gift – this is a surprise and could be a meditation, printable prayer, recipe – something to nourish your soul.

Access to the Shine Soul Sister community gathering via zoom.

How much is the Shine Soul Sister membership per month?

$22 per month if paying on a monthly subscription basis. This amount will automatically be deducted from your credit card each month.

Is there a discount if I pay for my Shine Soul Sister membership per annum?

Yes, the annual subscription rate is $199 which equates to $16.60 each month. The total amount will automatically be deducted from your credit card annually.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership please email Kate at The monthly subscriber’s membership will cease at the end of that month for which you have paid. The annual subscriber’s membership will cease at the end of the 12 months you are committed to.

Do you have in-person events?

Yes, Kate offers a range of in-person events including weekly Yoga classes, monthly Qoya gatherings, twice-yearly women’s retreats and other yummy events including soulful workshops, presentations and one to one sessions with individuals.

How much contact do we have with Kate?

You’ll get to hang out with Kate during the live Yoga and Qoya classes and also the monthly Shine Soul Sister Gatherings.   

I’m time poor – will this take up much of my time?

Kate often jokes that we make time for a shower each day so we can make time for a little soul-care each day too! All tools and resources are created to be easy to use, regardless of how much time you have. Many of the video’s, meditations and Yoga Nidra’s are around 20 minutes or less to fit within your life. A spiritual practice of ‘little and often’ brings great benefits and allows you to Align and Shine.

What are the live Shine Soul Sister Gatherings?

A soul nourishment gathering featuring a welcome blessing, closing prayer and themed soulful topic. Sometimes it will be Kate talking on a soulful topic and other times a guest speaker will inspire us. The Shine Soul Sister gatherings are held via Zoom for 30-40 minutes. They are recorded and made available in the Sanctuary afterwards so you can watch them at any time that suits you.

What level and style of Yoga is offered?

Kate teaches a compassionate, gentle and all-inclusive style of Yoga. This is less about ‘levels and structure’ and more about feeling the sensation of truth in your body. Kate can offer a range of options for movements and you choose what is most comfortable for you.

Kate teaches Hatha Yoga which is ultimately about union of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to cultivate oneness. Kate’s teachings are based on the integrated eight-limb path of pure holistic Yoga.

What is the Member of the Month?

This is an opportunity for us to celebrate and learn from each other. Once a month a member will have an opportunity to share their passions, dreams and story with us. This will be shared in the sanctuary.

How do I become a member of the month?

Email Kate at and she’ll send you the details. It’s really sharing an image of yourself and quick blurb on who you are and what you believe in.

When will the new monthly content be available?

You will receive an email with details of new gatherings and content.

Where is the content housed?

All goodness is housed on the website, the live classes and gatherings are held via zoom and all information will be emailed to you.

If I cancel my Shine Soul Sister membership what will I have access to?

If you cancel your membership you will have access to the website library for the period in which you have paid until. For example, if you pay monthly you will have access until the end of that month. If you pay annually you will have access to the end of the year in which you are paying. 

You will still be able to subscribe to Thrive in Light’s regular email distribution, Facebook or Instagram account.

What is your refund policy for Shine Soul Sister?

Thrive in Light operates with integrity and intends that all customers have a positive and satisfying experience. We do not issue refunds for Shine Soul Sister. You are able to cancel your membership at your discretion. Please note that if you pay monthly your subscription will cease at the end of that month. If you pay annually your subscription will cease at the end of that year period.

No refunds are given part way through your membership. Kate has been as fair as possible by structuring the payment of the membership in such a way that if you pay monthly you have the option of opting out any stage while giving a significant discount to those that pay annually who may only opt out at the end of the year they are committed to. Thrive in Light encourages Asteya which is respect for a person’s time and worth and this underpins our refund policy.

What are the Terms of Service and your Privacy Policy?

These can be found here – and here

All members must agree to the following –

There are clear rules outlined within this group that all subscribers must agree to. If people are found to be misusing this platform they will be removed from the membership immediately regardless of when their subscription is paid until (without any reimbursement of funds). Kate operates on a system of trust. If healthy boundaries are set at the beginning and we all agree to them then we all benefit.

  • I agree that the Shine Soul Sister membership is a sacred place for us to gather, be supported and inspired, so that we can all be of service to the world.
  • I agree to not share promotional material for my or any other business unless explicitly invited to by Thrive in Light.
  • I agree to always be kind and respectful within this community and know that offensive or hostile behaviour towards or in relation to other participants is not permitted.
  • I agree that there is to be absolutely no material posted or comments that breach any person’s rights, which are defamatory, obscene, sexually explicit, discriminatory, violent, threatening, illegal, or are likely or intended to deceive any person, or harass or cause anxiety to any person, or likely to bring us into disrepute.
  • I agree to enter this sanctuary with a pure heart and good intentions for the benefit of myself and other members of the community.

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